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Geomagic 3D软件和硬件工具是行业领导者,原因很简单:它们起作用。For reverse engineering,inspection,scanning,cleaning up point clouds,or working with mesh based geometry,no other set of solutions comes close to the capability and robustness of the Geomagic tool package.

Focused on delivering usable solutions,你可以扫描零件,convert it to a solid model,compare it to your desired CAD geometry,and even modify the geometry.一个相互连接的硬件和软件产品系列。必威备用网址

betway备用网址PADT focuses on a subset of the Geomagic product line,我们的客户在模拟中使用的工具,product development,and rapid prototyping find useful.Learn more about each product by clicking on it's link:


Geomagic Design X: Reverse Engineering

Geomagic Wrap: Point Data to Polygon Models

Geomagic Control: Inspection Automation

The Tools you Need to Scan,Inspect,or Convert Point Cloud Data to CAD

传统几何有多种形式。Sometimes it is an old piece of hardware,sometimes it is a twenty year old FEA model.Regardless of where you start,geomagic拥有从旧几何图形移动到可用检查的工具,STL或CAD模型。

The core of the Geomagic suite consists of three technologies: a structured light scanner that is easy to use and accurate,直观、半自动的点/多边形修复和修改工具;and facets-to-NURBS algorithms that are truly second to none.These are combined in an integrated tool set to streamline your productivity.

Backed by the Experts you Need to Succeed

Because our engineers are day-to-day users of the Geomagic tools,betway备用网址帕德知道你的确切需求是什么,can find the right solution,and then support you after the purchase.We also offer scanning and related tasks as a服务in addition totrainingon the full suite of tools.

Those who need assistance in working with legacy FEA meshes,especially in turning them into usable CAD models,will find betway备用网址PADT's unique experience in this area especially helpful.Both our ANSYS technical support and betway体育下载services groups use these tools and have unique insight on this specific application.

The same is true for those who are engaged in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing,Rapid Prototyping) who need to scan geometry,or work with polygon models.betway备用网址PADT performs this almost daily in support of our prototyping customers.

Please take some time to review the information here,or get started on your scanning solution now bycontactingus.

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