Flownex Simulation Tool for Thermodynamic Modeling


Flownex is a system level simulation tool for thermodynamic modeling of thermal-fluid systems.Used across multiple industries in the design and optimization of fluid systems,Flownex calculates flow rates,temperatures,pressures and heat transfer rates using both steady state and transient models.


有许多流体系统模拟工具-从简单的管道流到非常专业的行业特定的求解器。Flownex distinguishes itself by being an advanced general purpose simulation environment with unequaled breadth and depth of capability.其他工具只做一些事情,Flownex is able to quickly simulate a huge spectrum of materials,geometry,and components in an efficient and easy to remember process.


  • 多流体模型:两相non-Newtonian,slurries,气体,gas mixtures,incondensable mixtures,动量,thermal capacitance,mechanical inertia
  • Multiple Physics: Heat transfer,mechanical sub-systems,control systems,electrical networks
  • 集成和自动化:用户定义的组件,MS Excel,Engineering Equation Solver (EES),Optimization,published API
Flownex boiler recooperator


Flownex is developed under anISO9001:2008andNQA1certified quality assurance system,making it the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation.This is a testament to the quality,reliability,and accuracy of a toolset from which any industry can benefit.


Ease of Use with Breadth and Depth of Capability

betway备用网址PADT became interested in Flownex as a tool to help define boundary conditions for CFD simulation.We continued to run into customers who wanted a component level simulation of a part in their system but they had no way to calculate the steady state or transient response of the full system.Once our engineers used Flownex,they were hooked and we now offer system level thermal-fluid simulation to our customers.

这个工具有大量非常聪明的特性,使得很容易建立快速求解的复杂模型,usually real time or better,and present information in a concise and useful way.Building a model in Flownex mostly involves drag-and-drop actions to define the system,以值的形式填充属性,或者从一个很大的行业标准定义库中进行选择。Once set up,they just need to solve.

In a real world environment the combination of ease of use and breadth make Flownex a tool that constantly pays for itself on the first job,并迅速成为用户开发过程的重要组成部分。

Explore the links to the right orcontactbetway备用网址PADT's sales and technical staff to learn why engineers who start using Flownex subsequently can't live without it.

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