Desktop Metal was created to change the way companies bring 必威备用网址products to market with metal 3D printing.Current metal 3D printing is too expensive or industrial for many potential users.Fundamentally different approaches were needed to offer a different way to produce metal parts for prototyping and in production.



The DM Studio System is an end-to-end metal 3D printing solution that enables the creation of low cost metal prototypes in an office environment.No more waiting for machined or cast parts,this revolutionary product leveraged decades of experience with software,机器人学,and metal injection molding (MIM) to solve the problems previous attempts at low cost metal 3D Printing encountered.

This complete end-to-end system provides software and hardware that takes a component through digital model preparation,the creation of a green part in an FDM 3D Printer,脱脂,然后烧结。因为每个步骤都由一个系统控制,the debinding and sintering are performed optimally to deliver speed and precision.作为为设计工程师创建的系统,它没有特殊的基础设施要求,可以在办公环境中运行。没有粉末,no special electrical needs.

Production System


DM生产系统,available in 2018/2019,此外,3D打印绿色零件,并利用台式金属专有烧结炉技术。然而,instead of FDM,它采用独特的单程喷射工艺,比单激光系统喷射速度快100倍。尺寸更大,建造速度8,200 cm^3/hr,只有注塑才能更快地生产出绿色零件。因为它绑着粉末床,users can create parts with off-the-shelf powder metal material.

The overall lower cost of material and the system itself,combined with a shorter build time,交付与传统生产制造竞争的每个零件的成本。


from prototyping to mass production.

Desktop Metal achieves their cost and speed goals by taking a different approach.而不是3D打印最终零件,they:

  • 3D打印由聚合物结合的粉末组成的绿色部分。
  • Removes binder in the included debinding system
  • 在专用炉中将绿色部分烧结成最终形状

Other solutions use more complex single step processes or only provide a 3D Printer to create the green part.两种台式机金属系统都有显著的区别:

Accurately and Quickly 3D Print Green Part

For the DM Studio System,proven and widely used Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is leveraged to provide affordable and reliable part creation.这种方法还允许材料以含有以棒形式储存的材料的筒体形式交付,不再需要处理凌乱的粉末。

The production system uses a new approach to jetting to add a layer of powder,compact it,喷射粘结剂,and add release layer material in a single pass,在两个行驶方向。这样可以快速高效地创建准确的零件。


A major advantage of building a green part with a 3D Printer for sintering is the ability to add a non-sintering material as a release layer.这种材料在脱脂和烧结过程中不会变形或粘结。Once the part leaves the furnace it can be removed from the base plate without cutting or special tools.And it also enable break-away supports,greatly simplifying the post processing.

Microwave Enhanced Furnace

The biggest differentiator of the Desktop Metal systems is their proprietary Microwave Enhanced Furnace.Decades of metallurgy expertise were used to create a controlled sintering furnace that uses traditional and microwave heating to produce uniform shrinkage and minimal distortion during the process.因为每个循环都是为被烧结的零件设计的,it is optimized and faster.


所有的工作都在一起,因为易于使用的软件可以控制从零件准备到打印和烧结的整个工作流程。This"“盒子里的冶金学家”toolset allows any user to simplify the complex process of part creation and sintering.


All of this technology is combined in a signal system to deliver significant real value to users.Each system,经济实惠的办公友好型原型系统和强大的高通量生产系统,were designed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of companies that need to make metal parts using proven 3D Printing technology that is also affordable.

The ability to prototype actual metal parts is now within reach.Contact betway备用网址PADTto learn more.

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